McWhorter Creative is a                                      studio based in Georgia,
capable of working with anyone, anywhere.



What I've been up to lately.


What I do.

Logo Design


Art Direction

Typeface Design




Infographic Design

Content Creation


Who the &*%! is

Seth McWhorter?

And what is he looking at?

Well, I'm Seth McWhorter. Here's the cliff notes:

Born and raised in Athens, Georgia. 

Attended the University of Georgia. Got a degree in Landscape Architecture. 

Worked at Stimmel Associates for two years in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

Moved to Atlanta, studied Design at the Creative Circus 

Took a job as a Designer at Fitzgerald & Company in Atlanta. 


Won some advertising Awards: One Show, Addys, D&AD, Cannes. 

Became President, CEO, and Janitor of McWhorter Creative in 2019.


Moved to a small Georgia town.

Married to a beautiful lady. 

Dad to an adorable daughter.

Shorter than average. 

(Can you reach that for me?)

Damn glad to meet ya. 

Get in touch. I'd like that.